Rowan Helping Ministries

January 5th, Saturday: 6:30 PM

Providence serves supper atRowan Helping Ministries

January 6th, Sunday: 5:30 AM

Providence serves breakfast at Rowan Helping Ministries
Rowan Helping Ministries: Providence offers a variety of ways to plug into the valuable ministries being carried out at Rowan Helping Ministries in Salisbury.  We collect canned food and dry goods for the R.H.M. Food Pantry on a weekly basis.  We send teams to the shelter to work at the R.H.M. Homeless Shelter to serve meals and wash clothes.  We have volunteers work at the R.H.M. Food and Clothing Pantries on a weekly basis.  Various groups from our church, i.e., the UMM, UMW, Y.I.A., etc., will hold fund raisers to benefit the outreach programs at Rowan Helping Ministries.  To learn more about Rowan Helping Ministries, go to: