Website Outage

I would like to apologize to anyone who tried to access our church website today.

Our website went because DreamHost decided to place us on a different server this morning at about 1:30am. At around 9:30am this morning I tried to access another website on the same server, and received a warning that the remote host identification had changed.

When we were switched from the server “Jerusalem” to the server “Deacon” the website went down. The cache that I had set up to speed up our website was pointing to the old server, and if you tried to access the website today you were sent to a error page.

Dreamhost was supposed to notify me in advance of this server change, and they failed to do so. If I had known, I could have prepared for it. I would have gotten up at this morning at 5am and made the appropriate changes, and the website would have had minimal downtime. Since I found out after the fact, I was already committed to overdue work projects that had to be finalized prior to Christmas vacation. And, Jordan had a basketball game this evening @ Concord High School (The Cougar’s won by one in double overtime), so I could not work on it until late this evening.

I have deleted the cache, so it is up and running now.

Earlier this week I signed up for a different hosting service RamNode, my plan it to transition our church website over to this new server over Christmas vacation next week. The website will be on a Virtual Private Server (VPS) using solid state drives instead of DreamHost’s shared hosting plan, so we should see a definite increase in speed. I will try to make this change as seamless as possible, and notify you in advance when it will happen.

I will post this Sunday’s bulletin here shortly.

Mike Van Voohis