Charge Conference Celebration at Pfeiffer University

Hey Jackie,

Please forward this Email to our Church list.

First, on December 11, 2012, (a Tuesday evening), we will meet with Rev Sam Moore, the District Superintendent of the Uwharrie District and we will have a Charge Conference Celebration with the churches from the Rowan County Area Cluster and from the Northern Stanley County Area of the Uwharrie District. This will take place at Wesley Chapel in Misenhiemer at 7:00 PM.

Wesley Chapel is located at: 46963 Wesley Chapel Road, Misenheimer, NC 28109

Second, here are instructions from Sam regarding the celebration:
“We will be breaking up into small groups with these questions to be put forth for the group discussion. Below are the questions so that your church may be ready to answer. We will be partaking in Communion. We know that December is a busy time for everyone but please make sure to attend this event.
Sharing our Hopes: The Ministry Report

Each Person is asked to become a part of a small group: Within the context of the small groups, each group will answer the following questions:

Group one will address the question: Who are neighbors in the community in which our church is located?

Question for Group 2: Where are the partnerships God is calling us to make with our community so that we may bless our community?

Question for Group 3. What are the resources we will need so that we may bless our community and what are the steps we need to take so that we may bless our community?”

As folks associated with Providence UMC, whether as a member or not, I’m asking you to offer me an Email response to these three questions. If you can not attend this Charge Conference Celebration, then what answer to you want to send to our District Superintendent in regards to these three questions?

Thanks for your time and your consideration!

Grace and peace,

Pastor Dan Gobble


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